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Reading experiences enriched following SIP’s development

Date:2021-05-20 12:31|Source: |Visits:

With a fast and prosperous development, SIP is now capable of providing more diversified reading experiences.

Ximalaya, the largest audio and podcasting platform in China, is joining hands with SIP Library to bring more audio readings to local readers.

The company has set up a “Voice Postbox” at SIP Library allowing users to send e-postcards with voice or written greetings through simple operations on their mobile phones. It will soon launch another project to make recordings of excellent works that will be selected from the 3rd SIP Jinji Lake Recitation Competition scheduled in SIP from May to September and share them on its platform.

The 6th Children’s Picture Book Illustrations Competition and an exhibition of works created in the competition will be held later.

Moreover, SIP Library recently unveiled its upgraded reading room for juveniles, which, with well-designed reading and activity zones and 50,000 books, offers juveniles wonderful experiences of multi-sensory learning.