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Diverse events enrich ways of acquiring knowledge

Date:2021-05-20 12:28|Source: |Visits:

A “glass house” at Suzhou Modern Media Plaza never fails to catch the eyes of the passersby. It is actually the eight 24-hour library in SIP. In addition to books, it offers chances for people to experience various handcrafts, such as drawing pictures on a Suzhou-style folding fan with a writing brush.

“You can learn about Suzhou from not only the books, but also the scenery, buildings, food, handicrafts and many other things. That’s why we decided to organize a series of events during this reading season for the participants to gain a better understanding of the region south of the Yangtze River through all their sense organs,” an executive from SIP Library said.

It is learnt that the library plans to organize a list of hands-on activities, salon sessions and exhibitions throughout the year for experiential learning.