Explore Jiangnan culture and charm of Suzhou from this SIP Reading Season
   SIP has been engaged for a long time inencouraging reading, with different reading spots everywhere and reading eventsthroughout the year for people to learn about the world in books and experiencediversified cultures. Reading is like a kaleidoscope showing di... [MORE]
Reading experiences enriched following SIP’s development
Witha fast and prosperous development, SIP is now capable of providing more diversifiedreading experiences.Ximalaya,the largest audio and podcasting platform in China, is joining hands with SIP Library to bring more audioreadings to local readers. Thecompany has set up a “Voice Postbox” at SIP Library allowing users to sende-postcards with voice or written greetings through simple operations on theirmobile phones. It will soon launch another project to make recordings ofexcellent works that will be selected from the 3rd SIP Jinji Lake RecitationCompetition scheduled in SIP from May to Septem... [MORE]
SIP Library is not just a place to borrow and read books
SIP Library is altering the stereotypeimage of libraries which provide books and spaces for people to read. It is nowa more multi-functional facility where the visitors can “see, hear and experience”knowledge. While improving its hardware facilities,the library often tries new things and ways to encourage reading. For example,it plans to organize an online poetry and idioms contest in June when theparticipants will compete in accumulating credit points to exchange for mysteryboxes. “We hope we can provide different opportunitiesfor people to encounter knowledge,” said the library.  [MORE]
Diverse events enrich ways of acquiring knowledge
A “glass house” at Suzhou Modern MediaPlaza never fails to catch the eyes of the passersby. It is actually the eight24-hour library in SIP. In addition to books, it offers chances for people toexperience various handcrafts, such as drawing pictures on a Suzhou-style foldingfan with a writing brush.“You can learn about Suzhou from notonly the books, but also the scenery, buildings, food, handicrafts and manyother things. That’s why we decided to organize a series of events during thisreading season for the participants to gain a better understanding of theregion south of the Yangtze River t... [MORE]