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SIP blows the horn to strive for bigger victory in S&T innovation

Date:2021-05-24 09:55|Source: |Visits:

At the 2021 SIP Science and Technology Innovation and Development Conference, SIP authorities allocated the tasks for next-stage S&T innovation, motivating all the people in SIP to do their bit in supporting SIP to develop into a benchmark of the countries’ high-tech zones and a world-class high-tech park.

SIP has been sticking to a development strategy centering on S&T innovation, and has exemplified a series of good practices in this aspect.

Last year, SIP recorded 1,086 new S&T innovation projects, and the numbers of innovative businesses, high-caliber talents and approvals for clinical testing of biological drugs, the total output of biological macromolecular drugs and the total amount of business financing all accounted more than 20% of the national total.

Moreover, SIP has seen a fast increase of high-growth and high-potential tech businesses, research institutes and an ever-improving, business-friendly ecosystem with excellent facilities, potent financial support and considerate services for organizations engaged in S&T innovation.