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SIP unveils “1+8+X” policy system to enhance support for S&T innovation

Date:2021-05-24 09:57|Source: |Visits:

SIP authorities unveiled the “1+8+X” policy system at the conference, claiming to enhance support for science and technology innovation.

The “1” refers to a guiding document with 30 articles designed to enhance businesses’ motivation and abilities for S&T innovation. The “8” refers to eight specialized policy documents which specify support for tech professionals, emerging industries, unicorn and gazelle enterprises, SIP-headquartered tech companies, S&T innovation projects and related services. “X” refers to detailed rules and regulations to be adopted for the implementation of the above-mentioned policies.

Based on the new policy system, SIP will accelerate building of innovation facilities, enhance incentives for leading tech professionals and innovation projects, and give stronger support for businesses engaged in such fields as medical products, third-generation semiconductors and nanotech.