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Aesculap Academy: offer a top-class talent cultivation platform

Date:2021-03-23 10:38|Source: |Visits:

Aesculap Academy, a Germany-based organization founded in 1995 under the multinational B. Braun Group that has been protecting and improving people’s health for more than 175 years, is striving to offer a top-class continuing education platform in SIP for medical professionals.

Aesculap Academy received the license for running educational programs in SIP last July as the first beneficiary of the (Trial) Implementation Measures for Establishment of Wholly-foreign-funded For-profit Vocational Training Organizations in China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone Suzhou Area issued by SIP authorities in the same month. It provided 43 offline lessons to 1,130 people and 1,251 live-streamed lessons to about 200,000 people last year.

Aesculap Academy has developed a set of on- and off-line courses including simulation operations and animal experiments to give professionals in 16 medical domains systematic training so that they can achieve fast improvement in professional proficiency.