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Honeywell: open a new chapter for smart warehousing

Date:2021-03-23 10:47|Source: |Visits:

Honeywell International Inc, an American multinational conglomerate with three factories in SIP, provides another example for transformation and upgrading in SIP.

The Fortune 500 enterprise set up its branch Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions Suzhou in SIP in 1999 to design, manufacture and market barcode scanners and printers and other related devices, and since then has been expanding its deployment in SIP and enriching its supplies to Chinese clients.

Metrologic (Suzhou) Technology Co Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Honeywell in SIP, put a new production line into operation last September to provide pallet load stackers and one-stop automatic warehousing systems for Chinese clients.

Honeywell is reportedly increasing its input in the smart warehousing sector in the hope of bringing more best-in-class solutions for its clients.