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Jinji Lake marathon sees new highlights

Date:2021-04-26 14:09|Source: |Visits:

The 2021 Suzhou Jinji Lake Half Marathon saw a number of new highlights compared with the precious sessions.

The event gathered people from different walks of life, including enterprise staff, college students and residents from SIP and other areas. Many of the runners, like the team from the renowned Chinese biotech company BeiGene, were newcomers, and were deeply impressed by the meticulous organization of the grand event.

The event was held with effective anti-epidemic measures, including a reservation service to avoid crowds and long queues when distributing supplies to runners, and an express service to mail souvenirs to people who could not participate as scheduled.

The medals for the winners were elaborately designed to shape like an ancient ship sailing through wind and waves to symbolize the courage to overcome hardships and good wishes for good luck and success.

The event was also paired with a virtual marathon where the winners could receive medals of similar kind.

Many security staff, medical workers, professional rescuers and volunteers offered support to the event.