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Jiangsu’s first national security museum opens in SIP

Date:2021-04-27 10:14|Source: |Visits:

SIP National Security Museum, the first of its kind in East China’s Jiangsu province, opened in SIP on Apr 14, one day before the country’s National Security Education Day which is observed annually on Apr 15 to arouse Chinese citizens’ awareness of and sense of responsibility for national security. It was designated the “Suzhou National Security Education Base” concurrently.

The museum imparts knowledge on national security through texts, pictures, videos and interactive activities. It is free to the public from Monday to Friday, and closed on weekend and holidays.

    Specifically, the museum offers a holistic picture of the country’s efforts and achievements in safeguarding national security, and gives a close-up to a series of good practices implemented in SIP and Suzhou for the same purpose.

“I’ve gained a better understanding of the connotation of national security and its correlation with our daily life through the visit to the museum. I would like to do my bit in helping safeguard national security,” a visitor said.