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1st Jinji Lake China-Japan Cooperation and Exchange Conference held in SIP

Date:2021-02-17 10:18|Source: |Visits:

Sponsored by SIP Investment Promotion Committee (SIPIPC), and co-organized by Suzhou Japanese Society of Commerce and Industry (also known as Suzhou Nissho Club), PwC (Shenzhen) and Yingke Law Firm, the 1st Jinji Lake China-Japan Cooperation and Exchange Conference took place in SIP on Nov 24, 2020, aiming at lending Japanese enterprises a hand in seeking better development in Suzhou.

Suzhou Nissho Club, currently with 630 enterprise members and 93 individual members, is dedicated to helping Japanese enterprises accelerate and expand their development in Suzhou. It signed an agreement with SIPIPC last June to strengthen cooperation in promoting cooperation between Chinese and Japanese enterprises and supporting industrial upgrading and development in SIP.

At the event, professionals from PwC (Shenzhen) and Yingke Law Firm gave the participants talks on preferential tax policies and export control laws that their companies need to know when dealing with operations in China.