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“SIP experience” attracts global attention

Date:2021-02-18 09:56|Source: |Visits:

Inaugurated in 1994 as a cooperative project between Chinese and Singaporean governments, SIP has been a major window for the opening-up of Suzhou, the city called “the Venice of the East” by Venetian explorer Marco Polo.

SIP is at the forefront of Suzhou’s efforts to attract foreign investment. A large number of foreign-funded projects land in the area each year, including many invested by Fortune 500 enterprises and world-leading academic and research institutes such as Oxford and Harvard.

The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of China on Jan 27 released the results of its latest evaluation of the country’s National Economic and Technological Development Zones (NETDZs). SIP retains for the fifth straight year the top spot in the comprehensive evaluation, with outstanding performance in such aspects as industrial development, science and technology innovation, environmental protection and administrative services.

At the same time, SIP is offering more and more opportunities for local enterprises to seek development overseas and enhance their global competitiveness. SIP’s experience in globalization has attracted wide attention from overseas.