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SIP among the best worldwide in terms of business environment

Date:2021-02-17 10:11|Source: |Visits:

Global auditing firm KPMG released on Feb 19 a third-party business environment evaluation report under which SIP was rated the 25th in the simulated ranking of 190 global competitors.

Based on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, the evaluation covers 10 areas of the life of a business, such as “starting a business”, “dealing with construction permits”, “registering property” and “protecting minority investors”. SIP ranks first in terms of “enforcing contracts”, and is among the best in terms of “starting a business” and “getting electricity”.

It is learnt that, relying on the free trade zone established in SIP in 2019, SIP is spurting to meet the highest international standard of business environment. The local authorities are sparing no effort to further improve local business environment from multiple aspects, for example, further optimizing administrative services for businesses and enhancing support for them in financing and resource acquisition.