At the 5th Session of the 16th Suzhou People’s Congress and the 5th Session of the 14th CPPCC Suzhou Committee that recently concluded in Suzhou, Xu Kunlin, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Committee and secretary of CPC Suzhou Committee, wrote the calligraphy of “Chuang Kou” (meaning “window” in English), encouraging the government and the citizens of Suzhou to “build the most beautiful windows” to showcase the achievements in socialist modernization to the world.

At the junction of SIP and the ancient Suzhou city, there is a sculpture called “The Window” which, featuring an open window with curtain fluttering in the wind, symbolizes the role of SIP as a window for reform and opening-up and communication with the Western world. The sculpture sends message that SIP has been striving to be one of China’s “most beautiful windows” opening to the world.

SIP’s green space coverage reaches 45%
SIP looks like a huge botanical garden. Both the residential quarters and the workplaces are decorated with beautiful, diversified plants.The 278-square-kilometer land is dotted with over 10 public parks. The local green space coverage has reached 45%, and 52.6% of the natural wetland in the area is under protection. The wonderful environment is a main factor for the consistent high happiness index in the area. [MORE]
Water environment continuously improved
SIP saw significant improvement of waterenvironment last year. The quality of the water in Jinji and Dushu lakes hasbeen greatly improved, and a high degree of aquatic biodiversity has beenmaintained.The achievement should be attributed ina large part to the water conservation team at SIP Municipal Service Group thatcarried out a series of projects last year to divert water, manage hydraulicprojects, beautify rivers and lakes, monitor water quality and deal with bluealgae, pollution and other related problems.  [MORE]
Multiple parties join hands to build a fintech ecosystem
A number of SIP authorities, including SIP Science andTechnology Innovation Commission and Finance Bureau, are joining hands with Bankof Suzhou and other partners to build an ecosystem for innovation of financialtechnology, hoping to accelerate and widen application of advanced technologyin the financial sector. Under such circumstances, Suzhou Fintech Innovation Centerwas completed in SIP last year to support fintech innovation, incubate relatedprojects and provide fintech-related education. The center aims to collaboratewith schools, research institutes and fintech companies in Suzhou to set... [MORE]
FTZ in SIP sees remarkable achievements in financial opening-up and innovation
China (Jiangsu) Pilot Free Trade Zone Suzhou Area, a freetrade zone established in SIP in 2019, has seen remarkable achievements infinancial opening-up and innovation.An innovative risk compensation mechanism based on a capitalpool established by SIP authorities is being implemented in the FTZ to sharerisks with financial institutions in offering financial support to small- andmedium-sized enterprises (SMEs).Additionally, SIP e-Financing, an online financial servicemarket where financial service organizations and financial professionals offerfinancial products and advice to SIP-based businesse... [MORE]
SIP takes new measures to promote high-level development
SIP authorities announced 19 measureslast month in a move to upgrade services for foreign talents. Under themeasures, three services are the first of their kinds nationwide and ten arepioneering province-wide.The new measures are expected to helplure more foreign talents and their projects to SIP and propel the formation ofa more open global talent cooperation mechanism to support SIP’s development.In fact, SIP has instituted a long listof policies over the past few years in order to attract talents and investment,especially to promote technology-based, eco-friendly manufacturing. Statistics ... [MORE]