At the 5th Session of the 16th Suzhou People’s Congress and the 5th Session of the 14th CPPCC Suzhou Committee that recently concluded in Suzhou, Xu Kunlin, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Committee and secretary of CPC Suzhou Committee, wrote the calligraphy of “Chuang Kou” (meaning “window” in English), encouraging the government and the citizens of Suzhou to “build the most beautiful windows” to showcase the achievements in socialist modernization to the world.

At the junction of SIP and the ancient Suzhou city, there is a sculpture called “The Window” which, featuring an open window with curtain fluttering in the wind, symbolizes the role of SIP as a window for reform and opening-up and communication with the Western world. The sculpture sends message that SIP has been striving to be one of China’s “most beautiful windows” opening to the world.

“SIP experience” attracts global attention
Inauguratedin 1994 as a cooperative project between Chinese and Singaporean governments, SIPhas been a major window for the opening-up of Suzhou, the city called “theVenice of the East” by Venetian explorer Marco Polo. SIP is at theforefront of Suzhou’s efforts to attract foreign investment. A large number offoreign-funded projects land in the area each year, including many invested byFortune 500 enterprises and world-leading academic and research institutes suchas Oxford and Harvard.TheMinistry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of China on Jan 27 released the results of itslatest evaluation of the coun... [MORE]
1st Jinji Lake China-Japan Cooperation and Exchange Conference held in SIP
Sponsored by SIP Investment Promotion Committee (SIPIPC), andco-organized by Suzhou Japanese Society of Commerce and Industry (also known asSuzhou Nissho Club), PwC (Shenzhen) and Yingke Law Firm, the 1st Jinji LakeChina-Japan Cooperation and Exchange Conference took place in SIP on Nov 24,2020, aiming at lending Japanese enterprises a hand in seeking betterdevelopment in Suzhou.Suzhou Nissho Club, currently with 630 enterprise members and93 individual members, is dedicated to helping Japanese enterprises accelerateand expand their development in Suzhou. It signed an agreement with SIPIPC last... [MORE]
SIP among the best worldwide in terms of business environment
Global auditing firm KPMG released on Feb 19 a third-partybusiness environment evaluation report under which SIP was rated the 25th inthe simulated ranking of 190 global competitors.Based on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, theevaluation covers 10 areas of the life of a business, such as “starting abusiness”, “dealing with construction permits”, “registering property” and“protecting minority investors”. SIP ranks first in terms of “enforcingcontracts”, and is among the best in terms of “starting a business” and“getting electricity”.It is learnt that, relying on the... [MORE]
SIP among first place winners in Suzhou government’s comprehensive evaluation
Suzhou government released on Feb 18 the results of its 2020 comprehensive evaluation. SIP was declared one of the four first place winners in the comprehensive evaluation of county-level cities (districts).    It is reported that SIP’s GDP reached RMB 290.709 billion last year, and the GDP per square kilometer was RMB 1.046 billion, ranking first across Suzhou. This year, SIP authorities have set a series of new goals to further propel local economic and social development. [MORE]
SIP hits new record in actual use of foreign investment
SIP’s actual use of foreign investment reached a record high of US$ 1.97 billion in 2020, according to the latest statistics. A large number of investors including Danaher, KPMG, Adidas and ZEISS made or added investment in the area last year.    According to the statistics, despite the negative impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak and complicated economic situation, SIP saw 295 new foreign-invested projects and 142 capital increase projects over the past year, with a registered foreign capital of US$ 3.52 billion, up 81.4% year-on-year.  This year, SIP authori... [MORE]