AI industry sees accelerated development
The development of the AI industry inSIP is speeding up. AI technologies are being widely used in not only the industrialsectors but also the daily life of the local people.SIP’s long-term deployment fordevelopment of big data, cloud computing and other new-generation informationtechnologies has laid a solid foundation for the development of the AIindustry. The number of enterprises in SIP’s AI industry had exceeded 400 by theend of 2019, and 10 of them has gone public. The enterprises have developed a longlist of AI solutions that have been applied in manufacturing, communications,traffic m... [MORE]
Nanotech industry rising rapidly
Nanotech industry was put under SIP’spriority development plan as early as 2006, and was classified as a localstrategic emerging industry in 2010. SIP has introduced potent policy,financial and other forms of support over the past years to lure nanotechprofessionals and projects. SIP is now home to hundreds of industry-leadingnanotech businesses and research institutes. Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech andNano-bionics, a joint establishment by ChineseAcademy of Sciences and the governments of East China’s Jiangsu province andSuzhou city, owns the world’s largest multifunctional nanoscience and... [MORE]
SIP goes all out to build a world-class biomedicine cluster
China National Center for BiotechnologyDevelopment released the “2020 Evaluation and Analysis Report onCompetitiveness of Chinese Biomedicine Clusters” during the 2020 China BiotechInnovation Conference held in SIP in November. SIP ranks second among biomedicineclusters nationwide in terms of comprehensive competitiveness, and first interms of industrial and talent competitiveness.SIP has stepped closer toward the goalof building a world-class biomedicine cluster. The local biomedical industryhas been growing fast in recent years, with a huge pool of biotech talents andan annual increase of ... [MORE]