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SIP enhances efforts to attract and retain talents

Date:2021-01-26 10:57|Source: |Visits:

Being well aware of the important role of talents in the development of an area, SIP authorities have been enhancing their efforts to attract and retain talents. So far, SIP has attracted more than 410,000 talents engaged in different fields.

Since early last year, SIP authorities have introduced a series of new policies for talent introduction. For example, in accordance with an incentive plan aimed at luring high-caliber and urgently needed professionals to the free trade zone in SIP, an eligible professional receives a reward of at most RMB 400,000 each year, and one with special contributions to SIP’s development receives a reward of up to RMB 1 million each year. Under the plan, about RMB 8 million was offered to the first beneficiaries last June.

In addition to that, SIP authorities also instituted the “30 New Talent Policies”, “15 Policies for Biomedical Professionals” and the “Jinji Lake Plan for Health Professionals” last year.

On the other hand, SIP authorities have been improving talent services to help talents from outside SIP get used to local life, including helping the non-local talents make new friends and offering them and their families privileges in terms of house purchasing and renting, household registration, children’s schooling and medical services.