New Year's Eve can still be wonderful without massive gatherings
Therecent rebound of the COVID-19 epidemic and intensive cold surge have led to thecancellation of many large-scale New Year celebrations across the country, andthere is no exception in Suzhou. However, there are still many ways to usher inthe year of 2021. The 41st bell ringing event at Hanshan Temple will belive-streamed, and people can send blessings to families and friends throughvarious social media tools. The New Year's Eve can still be wonderful withoutmassive gatherings.  [MORE]
Feast your ears at SZCAC
  SuzhouSymphony Orchestra will give its New Year’s Eve Concert at the Grand Theatre ofSuzhou Culture and Arts Centre (SZCAC), SIP on Dec 31.Theconcert, led by the orchestra’s music director Chen Xieyang, will last for 100minutes with a list of classic songs from the “Phantom of the Opera” songs tothe ballet “Coppelia”.Moreover,Feng Mantian, a renowned ruan (a traditional Chinese plucked, stringedinstrument) player, and Niu Jiandang, a famous Suona (Chinese double-reedwoodwind instrument) player, will share the stage.  [MORE]
Go shopping
Suzhou Village
Sitting at the west bank of Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou Village boasts a design with mixed Venetian and Chinese characteristics. It gathers more than 100 globally renowned fashion and lifestyle brands that can always give the customers special and wonderful shopping experience.
Suzhou Center Mall
Suzhou Center Mall offers fantastic on- and offline shopping experiences. Chinese video sharing website Bilibili’s theme exhibition and the “Sweet Factory” installation art exhibition are underway, and the “36-hour shopping spree” is scheduled from 10am, Dec 31, 2020 to 10pm, Jan 1, 2021, with big discounts across the mall, free gifts and bonus point redemption activities.
Suzhou Eslite Bookstore
Suzhou Eslite Bookstore, located at the east bank of Jinji Lake, is the first Chinese mainland flagship store of Taiwan-based retail bookstore chain Eslite. In addition to books, it offers food products, creative cultural products, clothes and other items. Its gorgeous design has won it high popularity among youths.
Jiuguang Department Store
Jiuguang Department Store, well-known for its excellent services and integrated facilities such as various stores and the hypermarket, can meet customers’ diversified needs for food, household supplies, beauty services, recreation, etc.
Enjoy the beauty of nature
TheYangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) in north SIP boasts splendidlake view, tranquil forests, fantastic tourist projects and upscale commercialfacilities. It is a good choice to take a stroll at the lakeshore, or ride abike along the beautiful cycling track.  [MORE]
Taste authentic Suzhou-style food at old Xietang Street
The old Xietang Street, with a history of more than760 years, is a business street with both historical and modern architectures,stores with time-honored brands and diverse cultural activities throughout theyear. It is a good place to taste authentic Suzhou-style food, for example, theShrimp Noodles which contains shrimp flesh, shrimp eggs and shrimp “brain” (thegood gooey stuff in shrimp head).  [MORE]
Jeff and Bethany
Thecouple from the United States runs an art gallery in SIP. The husband is incharge of the gallery’s management, while the wife teaches kids ballet andother performances.Thecouple chose to stay in SIP when COVID-19 hit the country early this year. Theyjoined the volunteers to offer help to residents during the epidemic.Recently,they organized an interesting bazaar to celebrate Christmas with other expatsin SIP.   [MORE]
Marcus,a British, has lived in SIP for 11 years. He teaches English in a school, andis popular with his students and their parents. Marcusjoined Jeff and Bethany to organize the bazaar, and was present with many ofhis paintings and handiworks.“We’veseen how hard the Chinese government and people have been working to fight the coronavirus,and we can feel how friendly they are to the expats. Everything is fine with ushere,” Marcus said.   [MORE]