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Art lights up life in SIP

Date:2020-12-10 10:26|Source: |Visits:

SJLAF is among a diversity of cultural and art programs that take place in SIP on a yearly basis for the purpose of enriching local residents’ life and making SIP more livable and attractive.

As an annual event initiated in 2012, SJLAF has earned a high reputation home and abroad for its diversified components tailored for people with different artistic tastes, and therefore is now one of the most-anticipated events each year in Suzhou.

Performances including musicals, operas, stage plays, ballets and concerts remain a highlight at this year’s festival, in addition to a long list of other events designed to popularize different forms of art among the public. Many of the events are free to the public.

It is noteworthy that this year’s festival also encompasses many new elements such as those devised to tap into the local economic stimulation programs and a concert to be held in Suqian, a city in north Jiangsu province, which is expected to help expand SJLAF’ influence.