Art lights up life in SIP
SJLAF is among a diversity of culturaland art programs that take place in SIP on a yearly basis for the purpose ofenriching local residents’ life and making SIP more livable and attractive. As an annual event initiated in 2012,SJLAF has earned a high reputation home and abroad for its diversifiedcomponents tailored for people with different artistic tastes, and therefore isnow one of the most-anticipated events each year in Suzhou.Performances including musicals, operas,stage plays, ballets and concerts remain a highlight at this year’s festival,in addition to a long list of other events designed to popularize differentforms of art among the public. Many of the events are free to the public.It is noteworthy t... [MORE]
Events during the 9th SJLAF
Wonderful DramaChineseversion of KiKis Delivery Service musicalNovember2020GrandTheatre, Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreRMB180-580TeacherWei Jie’s Brainstorms—Parent-Child Classic Music ConcertNovember2020DadaoComedy Theatre, Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreRMB100-220ComedyUN talk showNovember,2020DadaoComedy Theatre, Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreRMB100-200ChamberMusic at SZSO (I)November,2020JinjiLake Concert Hall, Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreRMB100ChenSa Piano Solo ConcertNovember2020GrandTheatre, Suzhou Culture and Arts CentreRMB100-680LuoYi’er’s Talk Show Series: What Made Leonardoda V... [MORE]
Double 12 Suzhou Shopping Festival-SIP Fashion Shopping Festival
SIPrecently announced to launch the Double 12 Suzhou Shopping Festival-SIP FashionShopping Festival on Dec 11. Scheduled to last for two and a half months, theevent is expected to further boost consumption across SIP.Spanningthe Chinese Winter Solstice Festival, New Year’s Day, Chinese Spring Festivaland Lantern Festival, the festival will incorporate a variety of on- andoff-line activities such as new product launches, Spring Festival fair andLantern Festival celebrations to promote consumption in food, entertainment,financial services, cars and other items and services. [MORE]
Gusu 8:30pm • SIP Night
Gusu 8:30pm • SIP Night, part of the“Gusu 8:30pm” program initiated by Suzhou government with the hope of drivingeconomic growth by encouraging nighttime consumption, has played a significantrole in SIP’s fight against the COVID-19 outbreak’s negative impact on localeconomy since early this year. Thediverse sales promotions, art performances and exhibitions as well as sportsand other activities offered the participants good opportunities to enjoywonderful night life while gaining some new experiences like learning to make aSuzhou-style folding fan or experiencing high tech.   [MORE]
2020 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival
The 2020 iSING! Suzhou InternationalYoung Artists Festival took place in SIP from Nov 13 to 25, gathering youngartists from China, the United States, Russia, Serbia, Mexico, Nicaragua,Ukraine and other countries.As a highlight of the festival, theconcert themed “Ancient Tang Poems from iSING! Suzhou to the World” was stagedat the Grand Theatre of SIP’s Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre on Nov 24.In 90 minutes, 12 artists from differentcountries performed a list of Chinese songs created based on Tang poems(Chinese poems created in the Tang Dynasty (618–907)). Chineseconductor Lin Daye led the ... [MORE]