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Fashion Shopping in SIP: Join the shopping spree in SIP

Date:2020-12-24 09:54|Source: |Visits:

The “Double 12 Shopping Suzhou-Fashion Shopping in SIP” event, a grand shopping spree, kicked off in SIP on Dec 11, and will last till Feb 26, 2021.


Spanning the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival, New Year’s Day, Chinese Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, the event incorporates a variety of on- and off-line activities such as new product launching, Spring Festival fair and Lantern Festival celebrations to boost consumption in SIP. More than 30 shopping spots and many brands will participate with products and services at favorable prices.

On the opening day, several officials from SIP authorities partook in the live-stream marketing activities to help sell discounted concert tickets, shoes and other products, and an online subsidy program was launched.