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11th CHInano opens in SIP

Date:2020-11-24 09:52|Source: |Visits:

The three-day 11th CHInano kicked off in SIP on Oct 28.

This year’s event consisted of a nanotech exhibition at an 18,000-square-meter pavilion along with 10 specialized report sessions and 258 industrial ones where a host of global leading nanotech experts and professionals gave reports and shared their expertise on nanotech.

It is noteworthy that Hiroshi Amano, Japanese physicist and the 2014 Nobel Prize laureate in Physics, and Zhenan Bao, a member of the National Academy of Engineering of the United States, gave reports through videos.

Considering the global COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s event saw less overseas exhibitors, but more domestic ones, which showcased stunning technologies and products.

At the opening ceremony, the Nanotech Healthcare Research Institute and National Nanotech Healthcare Innovation Alliance were inaugurated.