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SIP’s nanotech industry is rising rapidly based on accumulated strength

Date:2020-11-24 09:54|Source: |Visits:

CHInano has brought new opportunities to SIP’s nanotech industry which is rising rapidly in recent years.

Despite of the global COVID-19 outbreak and the economic turbulence thereof, SIP’s nanotech industry recorded a total output value of RMB 75 billion in the first three quarters of this year. Many local nanotech enterprises saw their output value doubled and made breakthroughs in related technologies.

The achievements should be partly attributed to SIP authorities’ potent policy, financial and other forms of support to the industry over the past years. Nanopolis Suzhou, a nanotech cluster with a planned floor area of about 1.7 million square meters, is an outcome of that. It boasts an integrated ecosystem for nanotech enterprises and related businesses.

Moreover, SIP authorities unveiled the SIP Three-Year Action Plan for Development of Emerging Industries in August. One of the goals under the plan is to build a world-class nanotech cluster.