11th CHInano opens in SIP
Thethree-day 11th CHInano kicked off in SIP on Oct 28. Thisyear’s event consisted of a nanotech exhibition at an 18,000-square-meterpavilion along with 10 specialized reportsessions and 258 industrial ones where a host of global leading nanotechexperts and professionals gave reports and shared their expertise on nanotech.Itis noteworthy that Hiroshi Amano, Japanese physicist and the 2014 Nobel Prizelaureate in Physics, and Zhenan Bao, a member of the National Academy ofEngineering of the United States, gave reports through videos. Consideringthe global COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s event sa... [MORE]
Pictures of the event
ZhaoYuliang, academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of NationalCenter for Nanoscience and Technology and academic director of SINANO, gives a speechon “Current Conditions and Future of Nanotechnology”. Keith Nicholson,global head of application engineering department at Bosch Sensortec, gives aspeech on “Leading Edge of Smart Sensors and AI”.  Diverseproducts at the event attract many people. Peopleinquiring about the exhibitsEnterprisesfrom different areas showcasing their products at the event Over1,000 cutting-edge technologies shown at th... [MORE]
Nanotech strings upstream and downstream industries together
Fromthe nanotech heating materials that can be washed in water to the anti-fog electricalheating films, the dazzling displays of Chinese Academy of Sciences’ SuzhouInstitute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) at the event indicated thehuge development space of the nanotech industry in the future. Accordingto Deng Qiang, deputy director of SINANO, the institute not only leadsinnovation and development of cutting-edge nanotechnologies, but also providesservices relying on its Vacuum Interconnected Nano-X Research Facility (Nano-X),MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) and other facilities... [MORE]
SIP’s nanotech industry is rising rapidly based on accumulated strength
CHInanohas brought new opportunities to SIP’s nanotech industry which is risingrapidly in recent years.Despiteof the global COVID-19 outbreak and the economic turbulence thereof, SIP’snanotech industry recorded a total output value of RMB 75 billion in the firstthree quarters of this year. Many local nanotech enterprises saw their outputvalue doubled and made breakthroughs in related technologies.Theachievements should be partly attributed to SIP authorities’ potent policy,financial and other forms of support to the industry over the past years. NanopolisSuzhou, a nanotech cluster with a pl... [MORE]
More than 1,600 enterprises bring stunning products to CHInano
The11th CHInano attracted more than 1,600 enterprises to showcase their latestoutcomes in the nanotech sector. Here below are several eye-catchers. LEANSTAR,a company incubated by SIP-based Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionicsof the Chinese Academy of Sciences, showed its pressure sensors which, beingvery light, thin and flexible, can be used in such fields as Internet ofThings, smart wearable devices, medical and healthcare services and consumerelectronics.Therewere also anti-epidemic products such as self-sterilizing masks and portableair sterilization cards, and glasses cloth... [MORE]