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Output value of biomedical industry in SIP reaches RMB 90 billion in 2019

Date:2020-03-25 15:10|Source:
SIP started deployment for biomedical industry in 2007. Since then, the industry has maintained an annual growth of more than 20% in total output value, which reached RMB 90 billion last year. This has enabled SIP to rank among the country’s best clusters of biomedicine businesses. 
Statistics show that SIP recorded a long list of new drugs that received approvals last year for clinical trials, which account for 10% of the national total, and of them, new biological drugs developed in SIP accounted for 20% of the national total. 
“We must provide more tailored services and gather more resources to help biomedicine businesses pursue a stronger development”, CPC SIP Working Committee secretary Wu Qingwen said when expounding on SIP’s Planning for a World-class High-Tech Park (2020-2035) in early March. This has boosted the local biomedicine businesses’ confidence in seeking a fast and vigorous growth in the area.