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Biomedicine talents play a big role in the fast development of biomedical industry

Date:2020-03-25 15:12|Source:
SIP boasts more than 1,000 leading experts and 40,000-plus professionals engaged in biomedicine. These people are playing a big role in driving the fast development of the biomedical industry in the area.
The intensive concentration of the talents and their projects are providing good conditions for the formation of an integrated biomedical industry chain in SIP. China National Center for Biotechnology Department, a public institution directly under the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology, released the “2019 Evaluation and Analysis Report on Competitiveness of Chinese Biomedicine Clusters” last November. SIP ranks third among the Top 50 Chinese Biomedicine Clusters in terms of comprehensive competitiveness.
Based on that, SIP has set the goal of introducing 300 biomedicine projects and increasing the total output value of the local biomedical industry to more than RMB 100 billion this year.