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SIP aims to form an extraordinary business and living ecosystem

Date:2020-03-13 11:05|Source:
SIP is exerting all efforts to optimize the local business and living ecosystem.
The local authorities offer great support to the construction of various R&D facilities, such as the Vacuum Interconnected Nano-X Research Facility (Nano-X) which is known as the world’s largest multifunctional nanoscience and nanotech research platform, and encourage establishment and development of research institutions and universities and specialized industrial clusters in the area.
Take BioBAY for example. Under the Planning, the biomedicine cluster in SIP is expected to achieve a total industrial output of RMB 250 billion by 2025 and become a benchmark in the global biomedicine sector by 2035. 
Concurrently, SIP is endeavoring to create excellent conditions for industrial innovation and business startups while optimizing local living environment and services to lure and retain talents.