By prioritizing talents, steadfastly adhering to the concept of talents as the primary productive forces, and vigorously implementing the strategy of strengthening SIP with talents, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is in sustained and rapid economic and social development.
    In the early stage of development and construction, human resources companies were the dominant suppliers of labor resources to meet the needs of manufacturing industry of many multinational corporations in SIP. During the early years of the 21st Century, SIP was the first to start up economic transformation and upgrading and conducted Leading Technological Talents projects in 2007, making SIP one of the most vigorous supporters of sci-tech innovative talents in China. Now, in the new stage of second wave of business growth based on transformation and upgrading, SIP, the experimental plot of reform and opening-up, once again sounded the new horn of talent project by put forth the Jinji Lake Double Hundred Talents Program. According to the program, within the five years from 2010, a major focus of SIP authorities will be to introduce and cultivate 200 leading talents in innovation and star-up endeavors and 200 leading talents with high professional qualifications every year in order to truly create SIP as a new talent highland.
    In recent years, SIP has continuously increased funding for special talents: 25 million yuan in 2007, 50 million yuan annually in 2008 and 2009, 100 million yuan in 2010, and 2 million yuan to be in 2011.
    With the in-depth development and construction, the total number of SIP talents steadily increases, the talent structure is continuously being optimized, and according to the survey of the investment environment of national-level economic development zones conducted by Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, SIP ranks the first in terms of total number of talents with (or over) secondary college degree.
Restart of SIP Talents Service
   National Conference on Talents in May sounded the clarion call again for the country's advance towards a talent power in the world, with "Priority for Talents" as the guideline of the national talent program. The vernal breeze for talents again blew across China. As an experimental plot for reform and opening-up, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) launched the Jinji Lake Double-Hundred Talents Program in the new situation: in the next 5 years, SIP plans to introduce and cultivate annually 200 leading talents ininnovation and start-up endeavors and 200 leading talents withhigh professional qualifications to build SIP into a true highland for talents.......[more]

Fund Increased from 25 Million to 200 Million RMB on Talents
   According to a survey of regional talents structure conducted by Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) by the end of June, the number of recruited talents with (or over) secondary college degree in SIP in recent years increased at the remarkable annual average of about 20,000. However, because of the large number of ordinary operators, the proportion of talent increase was as low as 0.2% in the first half of this year.......[more]

      Since the start of its development in 1994, SIPs major economic indicators are in rapid growth at the average annual rate of about 30%, and SIP has formed hi-tech industrial clusters in electronics, precision machinery, bio-pharmaceutical, new materials and aeronautical components. And with the rapid industrial development, the gross of SIP talents resources is increasing year by year.
      To attract talents, in the late 90s of last century, when HR websites came to the scene, SIP set up the HR Company and put forth the online job hunting & recruitment platform. In 10 years, has publicized 800,000-odd job/times, recruited over 2.6 million person/times, and stored up over 1.1 million registered individual members and received over 1 million visits daily.
     Since 2002, SIP has held the recruitment tour in national key universities in over 10 cities every year, a total of about 100 recruitment fairs with over 5,000 job positions offered annually to graduates, and has absorbed over 30,000 graduates with honors.
In the meantime, SIP has built preferential-rent apartment buildings such as Jincheng and Jingying, with the most moderate prices (the rent is 30% discount of the market price) and quality dormitory environment, which creates a warm home for the youth that set out to work in SIP. In addition, SIPs provident fund, the unique regional social security system adapted from Singapores central provident fund, is another magic tool for SIP to attract talents. By September, the number of members of SIP Provident Fund had exceeded 600,000.

Online Talent Recruitment
   Since its development and construction in 1994, the main economic indicators of SIP have been increasing by 30% per annum, forming high-tech industrial clusters featuring electronics & information, precision machinery, biological medicine, new material, and aeronautical parts. As the industries are experiencing a rapid development, the total amount of human resources in SIP is increasing every year, with about 600,000 posts provided so far. Then, how did such a large number of talents gather in SIP
      Speaking of talents, SIP Human Resource Development Co., Ltd. (SIPHRD) with fifteen-year history must be mentioned. SIPHRD is now the main channel for human resources in SIP, and it played a decisive role in the early stage of SIP's development.
    In order to satisfy the demand for a great numbers of labor forces for manufacturing industry introduced by SIP in the early stage, SIP established a talent system led by SIPHRD and many foreign enterprises provided sufficient labor force resources.......[more]

SIP's First-class Soft Environment Retains Talents
      On August 23, 2010, Jincheng Apartment building, the first preferential-rent housing community of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) was put into use.
     As the pilot of international cooperation and one of the most competitive development zones with the fastest development in China, SIP annually introduces over 80,000 talents and work forces, among whom over 40% are talents in various industries. So, merely depending on enterprises or individuals to solve the housing problem can hardly achieve the intended results. The preferential-rent apartments give the talents a warm "home" in SIP......[more]

      As cultivating talents is one of the most effective means to give intellectual support for economic development, in recent years, SIP has conducted a series of training of urgently-needed talents and talents with high professional qualifications, a form of government-funded talent-cultivation for enterprises that has greatly promoted industrial development. Now, with the effective implementation of the training of talents with high professional qualifications, a new talent-training working system covering intermediate and high-end operation & management talents, sci-tech innovative talents, and talents with practical skills has been taking shape, while relevant mechanisms based on the system are being improved day by day.
     Meanwhile, by advancing in big strides in building Sci-Edu Innovation Park and actively introducing well-known universities and R&D institutions, SIP has fostered the clustering of a batch of innovative resources. By the end of July, 2010, SIP Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park has gathered 18,000 master and doctoral candidates, 3,800 higher education teachers (800 professors and 12 academicians included), 850 overseas students, over 200 members of national 863 and 973 expert teams and 8 from Recruitment Program of Global Experts, and the number of top-notch talents accounts for 40% of those in Suzhou, making the area a well-deserved reservoir of top talents of Suzhou.

Cluster of Talents Motivates Innovation
   Though only 14 kilometers long, Suhong Road in the northern Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is a workshop-lined street with many world-renowned companies such as Nokia, Bosch and Emerson, and is acclaimed as the "IT industry corridor" because half of the over 100 companies along the road is IT-related.
    However, the Fortune-500 enterprises-clustered Suhong Road was just the previous benchmark ......[more]
Industrial Development Promotes Cultivation of Talents
     Through 15 years' construction and development, Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) has shaped its own characteristics in social and economic fields, and also come to see the gap between itself and international high-grade industrial parks. Especially, since the global financial crisis in 2009, SIP has put forth the "second wave of business growth" and issued the "3+5" industrial development plan in order to accelerate the strategic transformation of SIP industrial structure, in the meantime, SIP has set up new requirements for the active implementation of talent strategy and quickened the construction of highland of high-level talents and talents with high professional qualifications.
      In March, 2010, SIP activated the training of talents with high professional qualifications in an effort to build an international-standard public training base in 3-5 years, bring into SIP a batch of international vocational qualification system, emphasize to cultivate 1,000 backbone technicians, train and certify 10,000 talents with high professional qualifications, and add 100,000 high-skilled talents with the level of senior mechanics, raising SIP to the level of medium-developed countries in terms of the proportion of talents with high, intermediate, and junior levels ......[more]

      In recent years, SIP has been continuously enhancing the introduction of talents, especially the leading technological talents, in order to promote the clustering of high-end talents.
       Currently, SIP has gathered over 2,000 overseas-returned talents, over 250 enterprises set up by the overseas-returned students, and was recognized as National Innovation and Venture Base for Overseas High-level Talents. With the open environment for talents innovation and start-up endeavors and complete talent working system, SIP ranks high as HR highland in Suzhou and Jiangsu Province. By 2009, 35 talents of SIP were elected as Jiangsu Province High-level Innovative and Start-up Talents, accounting for about 45% of that of Suzhou Municipality and 10% of Jiangsu Province, 153 high-end talents (55% in Suzhou) won the financial aids for Suzhou urgently-needed talents. And currently, 11 talents of SIP are listed on the Talents of Recruitment Program of Global Experts.

Snowballing of Talents from 1 to 20
    Shuit-Tong Lee, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) and world-renowned scientist of material science and technology, is long engaged in the research on organic photoelectron material and display device, material and device of nano function, diamond and related extra hard film. In the international material science, Academician Lee ranks among the foremost 18 scientists for the number of times their dissertations are quoted.
  Such a scientist well known in the field of material science officially moved from City University of Hongkong to SIP in June 2008 and established Functional Nano & Soft Materials Laboratory (abbreviated as FUNSOM) in the Dushu Lake Campus of Soochow University in Sci-Edu Innovation Park. FUNSOM has now become a famous laboratory of organic luminescent materials in two years' development and was granted the title of "Provincial Key Laboratory" last year.......[more]

Projects Spur on Talents
   Wu Chun has gained his fame in SIP for long, and the photo of his election in the 2nd SIP Leading Technological Talents has been most widely used in reports on leading technological talents so far. Recently, Dr. Wu was elected in the national Recruitment Program of Global Experts.
    Abgent Biotechnology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. established by Dr. Wu is one of the few enterprises of biggest scale in BioBay. As a highly efficient manufacturing company of independently developed products of specific antibody library with human genomes and proteomes as its core, cell line and related reagents, and a research institution, Abgent Biotechnology is developing and manufacturing high-tech biological products such as monoclonal antibody, polyclonal antibody, Recombinant Protein, cell screening by medicine and its transformational generating technology and reagent kits. ......[more]
"Chemical Reaction" between Talents & New-Emerging Industries
   "Human resource is the first resource and new-emerging industry the first strategy."
By clustering leading technological talents, SIP propels the rapid development of new-emerging industries in an industrial clustering effect. Let us take a look at the booming high-tech novas such as new-type panel display, telecommunication, small RNA, and new material, which are all connected to Liu Jiming, Liu Sheng, Sun Jianyong, Zhang Peizhuo, Jing Jianping and Cui Zheng, the leading technology talents. ......[more]