SINANO Phase-2 and Suzhou Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park Break Ground

     On November 15, the collective ground-breaking ceremony of the phase-2 of CAS Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics (SINANO) and Suzhou Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park was held in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). The construction of about 4,700,000 square meters with 26.7 billion yuan investment was activated for the 7 projects of phase-2 SINANO, the northern part of Bio Industrial Park, Nanopolis Suzhou, Suzhou Nano-tech University Science Park, and University Sci-tech Industrial Pa... [more]


    The phase-2 of SINANO, located in the south of the phase-1 of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park with about 50 mu land area and 940 million yuan investment and based on the SINANO, it will further complete the construction of international labs, nano test, nano processing, and computing and R&D platform, and start the construction of Suzhou nano-tech institute. By making breakthroughs in several core technologies, the SINANO phase-2 will lead the technological improvement of nano-tech industry in materials, energy, environment, biology and medicine, information and advanced manufacturing to strengthen the international competitiveness of the related industries.

    Located on the north flank of Biobay in Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park phase-1 and with 230,000-sqaure-meter planned construction area (66,000-square-meter bio-incubation building included), the northern part of the Bio-industrial Park will incubate 200 units. After its completion, a batch of leading R&D enterprises at home and abroad such as Genepharma, and HD Biosciences (China) will enter the park, making the Bio-industrial Park a true and adequate bio-tech R&D and industrialization highland.

    Nanopolis Suzhou is the industrialization base for nano-technology in Suzhou, located in the Phase-2 of Sangtian Isle of SIP Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park, close to Sangtian River in the east, leaning on New Airport Road in the south, facing Xinghua Street in the west and bordering on Jinji Lake Avenue in the north, with an area of about 100 hectares and a planned construction area of about 1,300,000 square meters. By its completion, the Nanopolis will focus on the development of nano new materials, nano photoelectron, nano bio-medicine, nano manufacturing and nano energy-saving and environmental protection, forming a nanotech industrial cluster and a frontier with integrated functions of nano-tech innovation, R&D and engineering, pilot test, small-scale production, headquarter office, conference and exhibition, and comprehensive facilities.

    As the first national specialized science park, Suzhou Nano-tech University Science Park is located in the Phase-1 of Biobay of SIP Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park with an area of 8.2 hectares and a total construction area of 200,000 square meters. The project is designed for all the technology transfers of research achievements in nano-technology and its related application by universities and colleges, institutes at home and abroad, and to provide a superior scientific and technological R&D platform based on the advantages of the clustering universities in the park and nano-tech innovation. It is mainly oriented to the five major industries, namely, nano new materials, nano photoelectron, nano bio-medicine, nano manufacturing, and nano energy-saving and environment protection, and its main functions concern public R&D platform, industrial incubation area, SME office area and public service area.

    Located in the Phase-2 of Sangtian Isle of SIP Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park, University Sci-tech Industrial Park lies in the east of Xinghua Street, to the west of Fengli Street, to the south of Gangtian Road and on the north of Wusong River, with an area of about 60 hectares and a total construction area of about 800,000 square meters. It is characterized by being university science park, university industry park, public technological service center, talents' apartments, and life and commercial facilities, by which it will attract all kinds of resources such as talents, education and funds, and make full use of the advantages of the university resources in the Park for the clustering of scientific and technological innovation, to form a cluster of research institutes of universities and transformation market of scientific achievements with backup services facilities.

    Located in the Phase-2 of Sangtian Isle of SIP Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park, Nano-tech Incubation Base is leaning on Wusong River on the north, bordering on Sangtian River in the east and Jinji Lake Avenue in the south and flanking Xinghua Street in the west. The base has a total area of about 28 hectares with nearly 390,000 square meters of total construction area, with the functions of R&D offices, laboratories and commercial facilities. It is aimed to build into a nano-tech innovation and industry incubation park with complete infrastructure, distinctive industrial characteristics, remarkable innovation achievements and highly-developed service system.

    Soochow University Dushu Lake Campus Phase-2 (Engineering Building) project has a total construction area of 210,000 square meters, mainly involving 8 colleges: Computer Science & Technology School, School of Electronics & Information, School of Mechanical & Electric Engineering, Shagang Iron and Steel College, School of Energy, School of Urban Rail Transportation, Textile and Garment Engineering College, and School of Nano-science. The ground-breaking of Engineering Building heralds the construction of student dormitories, canteens, administrative center, students' activity center, international exchange center and so forth, marking a new upsurge of campus construction in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town and the orientation of its overall functions. After the completion of the 8 above-mentioned colleges, there will be over 30,000 students in total in Dushu Lake Campus with over 2,000 faculties. All-embracing facilities such as teaching, research, culture and sports and campus life with complete functions will be available in the campus of one million square-meter construction area.

    Located southeast to Sangtian Isle Phase-2 of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park, leaning on Dushu Lake Avenue in the north and Sujia intercity commercial district in the west with Wusong River flowing in the south and east, the over-100-hectare new-emerging industrial base sticks to the road of developing' high-end, highly-efficient and highly-radiant" industries by clustering bio-medicine, new energies, converged communication, eco-environmental protection, new materials, and other new-emerging industries, with the aim to gradually form a strategic highland with core competitive edge and industrial scale, as the new engine for the leapfrog economic development of SIP. At present, there have been dozens of projects ready to settle in the base, such as LED project, superconducting wires of Jiangsu Etern Company Limited, Suzhou Eagle Electric Cars, the industrialization of Gallium Nitride (GaN) of Nano-Micro Tech, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, semi-conductor electronic material of ULVAC Group, sapphire substrate of Crystalwise Technology, MicroBio Co., Ltd. (MicroBio Biotechnology), dynamic batteries of Indeed Battery (Suzhou), Twin Creeks solar battery, with a total investment of 10.6 billion yuan.