Business in SIP getting back on track

SIP authorities held a meeting on Mar 20 to make arrangements for economic development and social governance under the current circumstance that COVID-19 is under control nationwide.

Actually, SIP authorities have been implementing a series of policies including tax and social insurance fee reduction and exemption since early February to support local businesses’ fight against the negative impact of COVID-19. Thanks to that, most of the factories, office buildings and construction projects in the area have resumed operations, and the local shopping malls and other commercial complexes have reopened.[MORE]

Most of stores at Suzhou Center have reopened

Suzhou Center, one of the most popular commercial complexes in SIP, is home to about 600 stores. According to the operator of the complex, most of the stores have reopened, including nearly 60 restaurants that have resumed eat-in services.

“The restaurants are running with effective anti-epidemic measures. Guests are required to have their personal information registered and their temperature taken and show their health QR codes at the entrance. Besides, they must keep a distance of at least... [MORE]

Markets at neighborhood centers get bustling again

There are 15 neighborhood centers across SIP, with a total of over 1,400 stores and stalls selling food ingredients, cooked food and daily use articles and offering life services. The latest news said most of the stores and stalls have reopened, and the markets are getting bustling again.

“We conducted strict review of the anti-epidemic measures of the stores and stalls before giving them the approval for reopening. Concurrently, we are offering assistance to those still in closure so that they can resume business as soon as possible,” said an official in charge...[MORE]

Yi’oulai Suzhou Village upgrades online services to attract customers

Yi’oulai Suzhou Village, an iconic shopping spot located at SIP’s Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort, is receiving more and more customers.

About 130 stores have reopened. The stores are sterilized at regular intervals, and only customers with normal temperature, eligible health QR code and clear travel record are allowed to get into them.

In order to stimulate consumption, Yi’oulai has upgraded its online service programs at a number of social media platforms to inform... [MORE]