Highly skilled professionals drive high-quality industrial development
SIP is seeing continuous gathering of highly skilled professionals who have become a strong driving force for high-quality industrial development in the area.

The fast and continuous concentration of highly skilled professionals in SIP stem from SIP’s integrated talent introduction, cultivation, employment and service system and its lofty incentives for talented personnel.

For example, SIP launched an evaluation program in 2018. People who are identified as “Jinji Lake Craftspeople” under the program can enjoy a reward of up to RMB 900,000...[MORE]

SIP attracts lots of “craftspeople” from overseas
Under SIP’s “Jinji Lake Craftspeople” program are many professionals from overseas. SIP is providing excellent conditions for them to strive for their career successes.

Chen Chuanxing, a Malaysian, works as the engineering and manufacturing director at TF-AMD, an SIP-based company focusing on development of CPUs, GPUs and APUs as well as chip packaging and testing. He developed industry-leading 7-nanometer processing unit packaging solution in SIP.[MORE]

SIP tries to lure top-notch professionals engaged in promising industries
SIP is carrying out a series of talent introduction policies targeting top-notch professionals engaged in the promising industries such as information technology, smart manufacturing and biomedicine. Pierre Heidhoff, application development manager at EMS-GRIVORY (Suzhou) Engineering Plastics Co Ltd, has been working in SIP since 2016.

“SIP offers strong support for science and technology research and development. I think that’s why many technical professionals come here,” he said. [MORE]

SIP: a fertile land for highly skilled professionals
In addition to tempting talent introduction policies, SIP has demonstrated strong capability in cultivating talent.

SIP has a number of excellent vocational schools and training bases to help people develop and improve their professional skills, and runs a list of skill competitions, exchange events and internship programs for school students and professionals in different lines of work to enhance their proficiency. All of the efforts are contributing to a continuously expanding pool of highly skilled professionals in the area.[MORE]