Suzhou and Suqian governments sign agreements to upgrade SSIP
The governments of Suzhou and Suqian signed a package of agreements on Apr 14 to enhance exchange and cooperation in business development, talent programs and other fields in the future to jointly promote the upgrading of SSIP.

Based on the agreements and 10 policies that Jiangsu government issued last year in support of SSIP’s development, the two governments have launched a project to expand SSIP by 15 square kilometers over the following 10 years. A short-term plan covers about 7.75 square kilometers.

It is learnt that a road extension project is underway now, and a series of relocation and infrastructure construction projects will follow over the next few years.[MORE]

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SSIP sees remarkable development outcomes
Thanks to the highly efficient cooperation between Suzhou and Suqian governments, SSIP has seen remarkable fruits in attracting investment and driving industrial development.
SSIP authorities signed agreements with its partners for the first 15 investment projects only two months after its founding. The total investment of the projects was more than RMB 3.3 billion. By the end of 2019, SSIP had attracted investment of RMB 41.1 billion, including RMB 28.8 billion in industrial projects. It is noteworthy that 70% of the investment in industrial projects came from foreign investors. [MORE]
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“SIP experience” gives SSIP a leg up in its fast evolution
SIP’s good practices in social and economic development, collectively referred to as “SIP experience”, have given SSIP a leg up in its fast evolution. SSIP adopts a development plan similar to that of SIP, which features scientific layout of living and production facilities, comprehensive infrastructure construction, eco-friendly development strategies, etc. Apart from that, SSIP has two neighborhood centers established following SIP’s example to provide various handy services for local residents, and Suzhou Street... [MORE]
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SSIP striding steadily toward future goals
The expansion project will bring SSIP new opportunities for a more prosperous development.
SSIP authorities have declared the goals of developing SSIP into an advanced manufacturing base, a base for commercialization of innovation outcomes in emerging industries, a cluster for industrial upgrading, a demonstration area for modern urban development, a pioneer in seeking high-quality development and a pilot zone for institutional reform and innovation.[MORE]
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