Expatriates from different countries and regions join fight against COVID-19
Korean volunteers to help with epidemic prevention.png “Hello! This is Park Jung-min from Qinyuan Community committee. Would you mind telling me when you got back to Suzhou from the Republic of Korea?” The Korean volunteer was calling a compatriot living in the community in his native language for a survey designed to prevent COVID-19. It is learnt that he now works two to five hours each day to serve in anti-epidemic actions, and he is not the only expat to do that. [MORE]
“洋苏州”助抗疫 情暖园区2.jpg
Expats assist in entrance checks
Ameur Baail Cherif, an Algerian who works at Kempinski Hotel Suzhou in SIP, has joined the community workers of Jingying Apartment Community to serve at the community entrance to check people’s temperature, record their information and provide assistance in applying for an e-pass. [MORE]
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Croatian donates masks
Goran Martinovic, a former member of the Croatian national boxing team who started to run a boxing club in SIP in 2016, recently donated 500 masks to SIP Charity Federation, not long after he bought 20,000 masks from Croatia and its neighboring countries for hospitals in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic in Central China’s Hubei province.[MORE]
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“Interpreters” offer great help in anti-epidemic actions
Many expats are serving as interpreters in their communities to explain local epidemic prevention and control policies to other expats and provide assistance in various anti-epidemic actions. [MORE]