Output value of biomedical industry in SIP reaches RMB 90 billion in 2019
SIP started deployment for biomedical industry in 2007. Since then, the industry has maintained an annual growth of more than 20% in total output value, which reached RMB 90 billion last year. This has enabled SIP to rank among the country’s best clusters of biomedicine businesses. Statistics show that SIP recorded a long list of new drugs that received approvals last year for clinical trials, which account for 10% of the national total, and of them, new biological drugs developed in SIP accounted for 20% of the national total. [MORE] 苏州工业园区打造全球生物医药产业标杆1.jpg
SIP sees ever-increasing number of promising biomedicine businesses
SIP has seen an ever-increasing number of promising biomedicine businesses. It is now home to over 1,400 businesses of the kind which are jointly propelling a fast expansion of the biomedical ecosystem in the area. Chinese pharmaceutical conglomerate Hengrui Medicine received the approval early this month from National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of China for marketing Camrelizumab for Injection, a humanized anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody that is applicable to treatment of patients with ref...[MORE]
Biomedicine talents play a big role in the fast development of biomedical industry
SIP boasts more than 1,000 leading experts and 40,000-plus professionals engaged in biomedicine. These people are playing a big role in driving the fast development of the biomedical industry in the area. The intensive concentration of the talents and their projects are providing good conditions for the formation of an integrated biomedical industry chain in SIP.[MORE]
SIP authorities adopt farsighted strategies to build a world-class biomedicine cluster
SIP authorities are adopting a series of farsighted strategies based on global biomedicine development trends to build a world-class biomedicine cluster. One of the strategies is to encourage SIP-based biomedicine businesses to strive for a leading role in their fields relying on continuous innovation. The local authorities therefore are offering a set of policy incentives for development of new biomedical products and technologies. [MORE]