SIP unveils planning for next 15 years

SIP authorities convened a meeting on Mar 6, making deployment for the ongoing battle against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic and unveiling plans for future economic and social development.

Lan Shaomin, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Committee and secretary of CPC Suzhou Committee, spoke at the event, encouraging SIP to strive for an explosive growth in the coming years. [MORE]

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SIP specifies goals of development in four aspects
SIP specified under the Planning the goals of future development in four aspects. The first goal is to speed up concentration of ingredients for science and technology innovation, including R&D facilities and professionals, tech businesses and other related resources. For example, SIP aims to gather over 15,000 tech businesses and more than 40,000 high-caliber talents engaged in related fields by 2035.[MORE]
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SIP to strive for a high-standard development from a global perspective
According to the Planning, SIP will strive for a high-standard development from a global perspective. It prioritizes the development of new-generation information, biomedicine, modern services and headquarters economy, with the aims of becoming a global example for all-around opening-up, internationalized innovation, development of high-end industries and advanced modern governance.[MORE]
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SIP aims to form an extraordinary business and living ecosystem
SIP is exerting all efforts to optimize the local business and living ecosystem. The local authorities offer great support to the construction of various R&D facilities, such as the Vacuum Interconnected Nano-X Research Facility (Nano-X) which is known as the world’s largest multifunctional nanoscience and nanotech research platform, and encourage establishment and development of research institutions and universities and specialized industrial clusters in the area.[MORE]