The authorities of SIP’s Jinji Lake CBD are taking strong measures to minimize the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak on local businesses. They are now sparing no effort to help local businesses resume operations that have been suspended due to the epidemic and reinvigorate local economic vitality.
Full efforts to propel efficient resumption of enterprise operations
The authorities of Jinji Lake CBD are uniting the efforts of all their staff to help local businesses overcome difficulties caused by the epidemic. Considering that most enterprises in the area are in urgent need of resuming their operations and productivity after a temporary closedown in order to prevent the virus, the authorities are taking multiple measures to speed up administrative review of enterprises’ applications and help them adopt proper precautions against the disease. [MORE]
金鸡湖商务区“硬核”防疫 服务高质量复工复产1.png
金鸡湖商务区“硬核”防疫 服务高质量复工复产4.png
Considerate services to lend enterprises a hand in ensuring normal operations
The authorities of Jinji Lake CBD are trying their utmost to lend local enterprises a hand in ensuring normal operations amid the epidemic. [MORE]
“Building assistants” play big role in helping commercial buildings resume operations
The latest news said 81 commercial buildings in Jinji Lake CBD have passed the local authorities’ reviews for resumption of operations. A source from the team in charge of the reviews disclosed that the local “building assistants” contributed a lot to the achievement. [MORE]
金鸡湖商务区“硬核”防疫 服务高质量复工复产2.png
Enterprises adopt strict measures to prevent COVID-19
Enterprises that have resumed operations are strictly following the local authorities’ requirements to prevent the virus, such as checking and recording their employees’ health conditions every day, urging their employees to wear masks in work and disinfecting workplaces frequently. In addition to that, many of them have adopted their own measures to enhance epidemic prevention. [MORE]