Serial events to promote cultural property

Communities in SIP recently hosted a diversity of events where the participating residents gained a better understanding of traditional Chinese papermaking, medicine and incense and traditional Suzhou-style New Year woodcut prints.

In addition to disseminating traditional Chinese culture, the events also showed good effect in helping the participants enhance their friendship with their neighbors. Several of the events offered youngsters and their parents good opportunities to enjoy several happy hours together in learning new knowledge and skills.[MORE]

Youngsters learn to make paper using traditional techniques
Tianxiang Community plans to organize a series of events for local youngsters in winter vacation which will last from late January to early February. The first event took place on Jan 14 when the participating youngsters learnt to make paper using traditional techniques. [MORE] 3.png
Residents make New Year woodcut prints using rubbing skills
Haishang and Tianyu communities on Jan 8 organized events of similar kind where the participating residents learnt to make Suzhou-style New Year woodcut prints using rubbing skills. [MORE] 5.png
Kids experience TCM pharmacist’s job
Xihu Community organized an event on Dec 29 when a group of kids visited Lei Yunshang Pharmaceuticals, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) drugstore with time-honored brand, and acquired a good knowledge of TCM there. [MORE] 6.png
Residents learn about incense ceremonies
Baitang Community and Suzhou Sanhexuan Culture Co Ltd jointly hosted an event on Jan 3 when the participating residents learnt a lot about traditional Chinese incense ceremonies in a room with delicate aroma and beautiful music. [MORE] 7.png