SIP declared a “Provincial All-for-One Tourism Demonstration Area”

SIP was recently declared one of six “Provincial All-for-One Tourism Demonstration Areas” by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism as an area with tourist attractions everywhere.

SIP now offers over 20 travel routes for tourists of all kinds, including those for families and those for people who fancy sports and cultural experiences. In addition to the beautiful scenery, there are great concerts, characteristic bookstores, lakeside cycling track, fashionable shopping malls and various leisure projects to give tourists unique and unforgettable experiences.

It is learnt that SIP has been endeavoring to develop all-for-one tourism in recent years, including developing new tourism projects, improving public facilities and services, incubating new tourism businesses and enhancing tourism market supervision. The local authorities said they will spare no efforts to make SIP a good example in all-for-one tourism. [MORE]

“5+2+N” mode to make SIP a paradise for tourists
SIP is employing a “5+2+N” tourism development mode in the hope of making the area a paradise for tourists. “5” refers to integration of tourism with business, cultural, sports and exhibition activities, while “2” represents Jinji Lake Scenic Area, a 5A-class scenic spot known as a “National Business Travel Demonstration Zone”, and Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR), one of the country’s first national tourist resorts, and “N” means various tourist projects and services.

The “5+2+N” is helping turn people visiting SIP for business and other purposes into tourists.

“This is my first visit to SIP. I like the Eslite bookstore the best, and Moon Harbor really deserves a visit, too, especially for young people,” said Shen, a girl from a neighboring city who visited SIP for a concert at Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre and had a tour around the area afterwards. [MORE]

Continuously improved services to offer tourists new experiences

SIP is implementing an efficient coordination and collaboration mechanism among the local administrative offices, tourist service suppliers and other related parties to continuously better services for tourists.

For example, a host of public facilities such as Jinji Lakeshore Footpath, the lakeside cycling track at YLPTR and a number of well-equipped public toilets at tourist destinations have been put into use, while 200 minibuses are now in service to run along a list of ring and go-return routes for short-distance travels. Besides, the local authorities encourage application of advanced technologies in tourist services. In response to that, YLPTR launched the WeChat program called “Travel in YLPTR” to offer tourists details about routes and travel tips.

On the other hand, the hotels, travel agencies and other related business operators in the area are trying their utmost to improve their offerings.[MORE]

Renowned tourism brands make SIP a nationwide benchmark for tourism development

After years of development, SIP now boasts a series of tourism brands that have made it a benchmark in the country for tourism development.

SIP has several brand tourist destinations including Jinji Lake CBD, Jinji Lake Scenic Area and YLPTR, all recognized as exemplary projects of their kind in the country.

Adding glory to the tourism brands are also a variety of events such as the Suzhou Jinji Lake International Half Marathon, Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race, Chinese Cycling League, China Orienteering to Tourism Cities, Suzhou International Tourism Expo and Jinji Lake New Year Chingay Parade, which are winning SIP higher and higher popularity among global tourists. [MORE]