SIP designated a pilot site for trustee services for environmental improvement

SIP was designated one of four “Pilot Sites for Trustee Services for All-around Environmental Improvement” by Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Dec 3. With the new identity, it will pilot a new mechanism from 2020 to 2022 to entrust professional environmental service suppliers to help address a wide range of environmental challenges for all-around improvement of local environment.

The local authorities announced to invest about RMB 800 million under the pilot program to pay for services designed to enhance efficient and eco-friendly utilization of water, land and other resources and drive application of scientific approaches for disposal of various kinds of waste.

Concurrently, the local authorities will employ more effective pollution prevention, land use, environment surveillance and environmental information disclosure mechanisms to ensure remarkable outcomes under the pilot program.[MORE]

Residential quarter pilots new garbage collection method
Feicuihu Apartments Residential Quarter in Weiting Sub-district’s Qingchun Jiayuan Community launched a pilot program on Dec 20 to collect household waste by category at specified time periods and place. [MORE]
Events in Dongshahu sub-district to advocate garbage classification
Zhongnan Community recently organized an event where the community staff and volunteers expounded on the importance of garbage classification to a group of children, offered them tips on waste disposal and sorting and then asked them questions and guided them to play games to help them consolidate the knowledge on garbage classification they had acquired. [MORE]
Youngsters do their bit in garbage classification
Shuanghuwan Community is pushing on a program to allow local youngsters to do their bit in advocating and implementing garbage classification. [MORE]