The 2nd SIP Cyberspace Culture Season kicks off

SIP Cyberspace Culture Season 2019 kicked off at Jinji Lake International Convention Center on July 31, consisting of 18 events scheduled for the following three months to foster a good Internet culture across SIP and guide positive use of Internet for different purposes.

It is reported that over 20 organizations including local administrative offices, enterprises and social organizations have joined the events.

The same day saw a forum themed “Evolution Driven by 5G...[MORE]

Children’s singing contest wraps up
The three-week “Sparkling Red Stars” Children’s Singing Contest wrapped up at HB World, SIP on Aug 4. The final gathered over 100 children of primary school or younger ages who, winners in six auditions, competed in performing patriotic songs. [MORE]
Over 60 people start shooting short videos of SIP’s attractions
Over 60 people from around Suzhou attended a meeting at SANGHA Retreat in SIP’s Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) on Sept 10 when they shared ideas on making short videos to depict SIP’s tourist attractions highly sought after by netizens. [MORE]
Families experience advanced AI technologies at festival
The 2019 (3rd) SISPARK Creative, Cultural & Art Festival was held at Suzhou Creative Industry Park in SIP’s Suzhou International Science Park (SISPARK) on Oct 19. Over 100 families participated and experienced advanced AI technologies. [MORE]
Visits to industrial sites well received
The SIP-HMITZ Industrial Tourism Series kicked off at SIP High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone (SIP-HMITZ) on Oct 18, including a series of tours along three routes to six industrial sites for the participants to know better about industrial production. The first tours received high acclaim from the participants. [MORE]