The 10th CHInano opens in SIP

The three-day 10th CHInano opened at Suzhou International Expo Centre, SIP on Oct 23, consisting of one main forum, 16 specialized forums and an exhibition of more than 1,600 nanotech and peripheral products in a 20,000-square-meter zone.

The event gathered a host of renowned Chinese and overseas nanotech experts and professionals to share their expertise and discuss a series of hot topics concerning nanotech development, and over 1,600 exhibitors from 27 countries to showcase their latest achievements in related fields. [MORE]

Big names and “black tech” inventions
The 10th CHInano brought together many big names in the nanotech world. Among them is Andre Konstantin Geim, a Russia-born Dutch-British physicist who was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics jointly with his colleague and former student Konstantin Novoselov for his work on graphene. Andre shared his knowledge and insights on graphene and two-dimensional materials at the main forum with other 21 academicians and about 1,000 audien... [MORE]
Four nanotech research institutes inaugurated
Four nanotech research institutes were inaugurated at the 10th CHInano. Based in SIP, they are expected to facilitate more integrated and efficient utilization of various resources for nanotech development and innovation. One of the institutes is Suzhou NanoMicro Advanced Material Research Institute, a joint establishment by NanoMicro, an SIP-based startup devoted to developing world-leading technologies for production of uniforml... [MORE]
SIP’s accomplishments in nanotech highlighted
The Sino-Portuguese Center was inaugurated at the 10th CHInano, marking an expansion of SIP’s global partner network for nanotech development. Previously, SIP has set up five centers of the kind in collaboration with its partners in Finland, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Iran and Canada. [MORE]