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SIP enhances efforts to perfect cultural business ecosystem

SIP is sparing no efforts to promote integrated development of cultural industry and tourism, exhibition and other industries, and encourages local cultural enterprises to enrich their business portfolios for an omni-directional development. This is expected to help further perfect the cultural business ecosystem in the area. 
In one example, Xianfeng Games, an online and mobile game design company started out in SIP in 2014, has seen a fast expansion home and abroad with the local authorities’ support. The company broke ground on its headquarters building at Jinshang Road, SIP this July as one of the preparations for the implementation of its global strategy.
“We have entered the markets in countries like Vietnam and Singapore. The next step is to invest more in cutting-edge technologies and provide more digital games to global users,” the company’s CEO Yi Liming said at the ground-breaking ceremony.
Statistics said SIP has gathered over 100 companies like Xianfeng Games, and the total output value of the companies exceeded RMB 7.5 billion last year, and the cultural product exports of some of the companies totaled US$ 200 million.