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SIP sees various summer camps for kids in vacation

SIP has seen various summer camps launched since the beginning of the about-two-month summer vacation in early July. Many local youngsters have participated, learning new knowledge and skills and taking the chances to broaden their horizons. 
For example, SIP Open University launched a public-benefit program on July 15 to cooperate with SIP-based schools, research institutes and enterprises in organizing learning tours for local youngsters to acquire new knowledge and skills. The first learning tour route was unveiled concurrently, consisting of a series of events at CSH Asia DNA Learning Center, SIP Base for Industry-University-Research Institute Cooperation in Smart Manufacturing and Jiangsu Huibo Robots Co Ltd for the participating youngsters to know better robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing and life science.
Apart from that, a variety of summer camps devised for kids who fancy sports activities and art and several on garbage classification have been launched, while more are expected to kick off this month.