iSING! Suzhou 2019 kicks off in SIP

The opening ceremony of the 2019 iSING! Suzhou International Young Artists Festival was held at the auditorium of Suzhou New Times Group in SIP on July 29.

iSING! Suzhou, started in Suzhou in 2014, is the first international festival for vocalists in the country. Each year, many young artists in different countries and regions participate in the global auditions, and those winning the entry to the festival have chances to join a series of training programs and events devised to help them gain a better understanding of oriental and occidental cultures and arts. [MORE]

40 young artists from 16 countries
The event has gathered 40 young artists from China, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Nicaragua and Croatia. They are having the chances to attend a series of language and singing courses, performances and exchange activities that will enable them to achieve more artistic attainments and broaden their horizons. [MORE] W020190813426527220758.jpg
Good learning opportunities
A total of 11 globally renowned artists have started to give lessons and directions to the young artists to help them improve their performance skills. Apart from that, there are language lessons for the participants to learn to sing in both Chinese and English, and a variety of exchange activities for them to learn about different cultures and art forms. [MORE] 微信图片_20190815103703.jpg
Concerts to mark the country’s 70th anniversary
As parts of the festival, two concerts will be staged at the Grand Theatre of Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, SIP on Aug 23 and Jiangsu Centre for the Performing Arts, Nanjing (capital of East China’s Jiangsu province) on Aug 26 to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. [MORE] 微信图片_20190815104041.jpg
Local art troupes to share the stage
A number of local art troupes will share the stage with the young artists in several of the performances at the festival. Among them are Suzhou Symphony Orchestra and Suzhou Ballet Theatre which, hailed as “cultural and art nameplates of Suzhou”, have rich experience in teaming up with domestic and overseas top artists in big shows. [MORE] 微信图片_20190815104420.jpg