SIP offers multiple options for Chinese New Year revelers

As a modern industrial park with profound cultural deposit, SIP is offering a multitude of options for people to enjoy a unique Spring Festival holiday. Here below are several examples.

A festive bazaar is underway at Suzhou Center, offering not only various products but also wonderful folk art performances and intangible cultural heritage displays.

HB World in Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort (YLPTR) is hosting a series of events from Feb 5 to 19 for visitors to experience Chinese New Year celebrations featuring elements of Tang Dynasty (618–907).

Moreover, there are art exhibitions at Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou Eslite Bookstore, Ligongdi Cultural and Creative Block and the art gallery at SIP Harmony Constellation Building.[MORE]

Diverse events for people to experience traditional Chinese New Year celebrations

The Suzhou Center Chinese New Year Bazaar scheduled to span the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in mid-February offers the shoppers a good chance to experience traditional local Chinese New Year celebrations.

In addition to a dazzling variety of products such as Taohuawu New Year woodcut prints and festive lanterns, there are folk art performances, intangible cultural heritage displays and chances to interact with experts on various exquisite handicrafts.

The old Xietang Street is another good option for those who fancy traditional celebrations. It is a wonderful experience to walk along the centuries-old street elaborately decorated with Suzhou-style festival lanterns.[MORE]

Creative celebrations enrich the Spring Festival holiday

A series of Chinese New Year celebrations featuring elements of Tang Dynasty (618–907) are underway at HB World, YLPTR, and will last till the Chinese Lantern Festival which, reckoned on the fifteenth day of the first month on the Chinese lunar calendar, falls on Feb 19 this year. There are people in Tang-style costumes dancing, singing and hawking their products on streets, and also cosplayers who, dressed up as some of the most famous poets at that time, suddenly appear and interact with the visitors.

Star Mall at Suzhou Center is offering an assortment of products specially designed by several avant-garde Chinese designers to mark the Chinese New Year. The products, such as Spring Festival couplets and paintings, lanterns and mobile phone shells, boast creative blending of traditional and modern Chinese cultural elements.[MORE]

Different events to meet different people's interests

Art enthusiasts will never be disappointed with the following exhibitions.

The "Cross Domain" Sino-Japanese Youth Art Exhibition kicked off at Jinji Lake Art Museum on Dec 23, 2018 and will last till Feb 28, 2019. On display are 38 visual art works, installments and paintings from 32 young Chinese and Japanese artists.

The "Distance"---Chi Wing Lo's Sculptures & Implements Exhibition at Suzhou Eslite Bookstore is scheduled from Jan 19 to Mar 3. It showcases over 100 sculptures and implements by Chi Wing Lo, a Hong Kong-born architect, recipient of the DFA World's Outstanding Chinese Designer Award 2015 and founder of Dimensione Chi Wing Lo, a brand of furniture designed and made in Italy.

Apart from that, people who like physical exercises may choose to enjoy a walking tour along Jinji Lakeshore Footpath, or a cycling tour through the cycling track at YLPTR.[MORE]

Spring Festival fair attracts tens of thousands of shoppers each day

The 2nd Suzhou Spring Festival Fair took place at Suzhou International Expo Centre, SIP from Jan 17 to 28, attracting tens of thousands of shoppers each day from SIP and its surroundings.

The 10,000-square-meter exhibition hall was packed with over 100,000 kinds of food products, household supplies, garments and festival gifts from more than 500 well-known suppliers nationwide. The prices of some products were nearly 50% off.

Besides, many traditional Suzhou handicrafts such as those for making sugar figurines, dough figurines and straw-braided products were demonstrated at the event.[MORE]