SIP never stops luring and cultivating professionals 图片11.png

Being highly aware that professionals drive innovation, SIP has been sparing no efforts to lure and cultivate elites in different professions. Its increasingly improved talent introduction, training, evaluation and incentive mechanism has helped attract numerous highly skilled talents to the area.

SIP launched the Highly Skilled Talent Development Program (HSTDP) in 2010, with the purpose of helping local professionals seek a better self and career development. The HSTDP was upgraded last year to encompass a new initiative that encourages local industrial clusters, industry associations and large-sized enterprises to host skill competitions to help discover highly skilled professionals and motivate local employers...[MORE]

Martin Schiffner
      a "Jinji Lake Craftsman" from Germany
Martin Schiffner, a 33-year-old German serving as manager of electric control at Xenon Automation (Suzhou) Co Ltd, received the honor of "Jinji Lake Craftsman" for his persistent devotion to over 100 automatic production line installation projects that can help their clients reduce labor costs by hundreds of millions yuan each year.
Martin had worked at a famous German company as electric control engineer before he joined Xenon in 2015. He owns three patents for invention and two for utility models. Early 2018, he was identified as one of "Suzhou's Highly-Skilled Leading Talents in 2017", and then elected into Jiangsu province's "Innovation and Startup Support Program". [MORE] 图片13.png
Zheng Lei
      Unique techniques come out of numerous tries
Zheng Lei, an electric engineer at Black & Decker (Suzhou) Co Ltd and a winner of multiple government awards for highly skilled professionals, received the honor of "Jinji Lake Craftsman" for his contributions to the development of a list of automatic testing systems and management software and his generosity in sharing his experience with his colleagues and peers.
"Unique techniques come out of numerous tries. We try our utmost to develop new products based on the customers' demands and put them into the market as soon as possible," Zheng said. [MORE] 图片14.png
Florian Weihard
      to create value through innovation
Florian Weihard, a German who works as chief technology officer at Ruhlamat Automation Technology (Suzhou) Co Ltd, won a place on the "Jinji Lake Craftsmen" list for his outstanding performance in creating business value through innovation.
Florian started to work for the company one and a half year ago. During this period, he initiated the "Industry 4.0 Innovation Project" that has enabled the company to make a series of great breakthroughs in its operations, and helped work out ShopWorx, a whole-process production monitoring and control system. [MORE] 图片15.png
Zhang Yuxiao
      a rising star in hardware design and development
Zhang Yuxiao, hardware R&D director at Suzhou Huaxin International Property Management Co Ltd, ranks among the "Jinji Lake Craftsmen" for a series of inventions including remote meter reading devices and sensor systems that can help significantly improve property management efficiency.
Zhang garnered the second prize in the WorldSkills China competition last year, and is expected to be granted with three patents for utility models after an on-going review and verification procedure. [MORE] 图片16.png