SIP hosts annual event to seek innovative development and commend outstanding talents and enterprises
SIP authority hosted the 2018 SIP Innovative Development Conference cum Jinji Lake Talent Awarding Ceremony at Modern Building on Dec 20, discussing strategies for innovative development and commending individuals and enterprises with excellent performance in their fields.MORE
Dr. Yang Dajun: Core competitiveness builds on innovation
Dr. Yang Dajun, medical researcher and chairman of Ascentage Pharma Group International in SIP's Suzhou Bio-medicine Industrial Park, won the honor for his excellent leadership abilities in joining the whole team's efforts to achieve their business goals.MORE
Wang Deguo: Do not fall into a rut in work
Wang Deguo, who works for Equipment Management Department at Jiangsu Heshun Environmental Protection Co Ltd and leads the company's skill training studio in SIP, received the honor for his consistent pursuit for perfection with an open mind.MORE
Lu Bai: To continuously enhance research ability
Lu Bai, an experienced bio-pharmaceutical researcher and CEO of Fubei Biotech (Suzhou) Co Ltd, a biomedicine company in SIP, is not only a "Jinji Lake Talent", but also a "Leading Talent in Science and Technology Development" honored by SIP authority. He received the honors for his attainments in biomedicine research and also his contributions in helping attract talents to SIP.MORE
Ye Xin: A firm believer of practice making perfect
Ye Xin, the 24-year-old chief engineer at Suzhou Fourth Dimension Information Technology Co Ltd, was honored for his superb achievements in developing smart building technologies covering smart locks, wireless communications and remote data transmission.MORE