China-Singapore forum on service trade held at CIIE
Sponsored by Jiangsu People's Government and organized by Suzhou People's Government and SIP Administrative Committee, the China-Singapore Trade in Services Innovation Forum was held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on Nov 7, as part of the 2018 China International Import Expo (CIIE) that took place there from Nov 5 to 10. Many officials, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from China and Singapore were present at the forum.[MORE]
Jiang Xiaojuan: Development of China's service trade in the era of high-degree global connectivity
Jiang Xiaojuan, professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a member of National People's Congress Standing Committee and former deputy secretary general of the State Council of China, delivered a keynote speech.[MORE]
Long Yongtu: WTO and China's opening-up of trade in services
Long Yongtu, chairman of Global CEO Conference, chairman of the Center for China and Globalization, former chief negotiator for WTO entry and former vice minister of National Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, PRC, gave a speech.[MORE]
Yew Sung Pei: Innovative cooperation between Singapore and Jiangsu in service trade
Yew Sung Pei, Assistant Chief Executive Officer of International Enterprise Singapore, expounded on the driving forces for trade in services from the perspectives of the needs in goods trade for corresponding services, business globalization and consumer demand.[MORE]
Fu Xiaolan: Innovation in service trade following technical reform
Fu Xiaolan, a member of Ten-Member High Level Advisory Group of the UN Technology Facilitation Mechanism, and founding director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development and professor of Technology and International Development and fellow of Green College at Oxford University, shared her views on innovation in service trade following technical reform.[MORE]