CHInano opens in SIP

The three-day CHInano 2018 Conference & Expo (also known as the 9th CHInano) opened in SIP on Oct 24.CHInano, an annual event jointly initiated in 2010 by Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology and China Association for International Science and Technology Cooperation, is winning increasing popularity worldwide. It is reported that this year's event gathered tens of experts and scholars in related fields and over 1,300 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions, with over 1,800 nanotech and peripheral products.

At the opening ceremony, Xu Ningsheng, president of Fudan University and academician at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, San Hoa Thang, professor at Monash University and a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and Ray H. Baughman, a member of US National Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas, shared their expertise in their keynote speeches.[MORE]

Nanotech helps deal with side effect of 3D displays

Zhongwei Smart Manufacturing Research Institute for Flexible Optical & Electronic Applications, a research organization based in SIP, showcased their naked-eye 3D display which can help effectively avoid dizziness that people frequently feel when watching 3D movies.

"People feel dizzy because the eye muscles keep on straining when they are watching 3D images. Our product incorporates nano raster image technology that can better balance the speed and duration of light transmission to eyes and therefore make the eyes feel comfortable," said Wang Qinhua, dean of the institute.

"We are now capable of making 32-inch display of the kind, and we hope the product can be put into mass production in two or three years," he added.[MORE]

Magical nano-antimicrobial socks

A pair of socks became an eye-catcher at the event for its antimicrobial properties in killing fungi and bacteria that grow in people's shoes and socks and thus helping eliminate foot odor and infectious diseases.

"The socks are made of a special kind of fiber produced using nano-biomimetic technique. The fiber releases free oxygen and hydroxyl where fungi and bacteria cannot survive," said Zheng Min, founder of Jiangsu NanoShield Tech Co Ltd, developer of the product.[MORE]

Nanotech window screen to shut out smog

"The anti-smog window screen is made of nano-fiber, with tiny pores that have a diameter equaling to 1/10,000 of that of common window screens. Therefore, it can hold up 96% of the small particles in air," said a staff member from Suzhou Cross Nanotech Co Ltd, in giving the visitors an introduction to the product.

"Even so, don't worry about ventilation and light penetration which are as good as other window screens. Besides, it is easy to clean. Dust can be quickly removed with a hair dryer," the staff member continued, adding that the product is sold at a price of about RMB 100/sqm and has a service life of 15 years.[MORE]

Advanced semiconductor device enables charging facilities to have a better "heart"

Oriental Semiconductor, a company founded in SIP in 2008, brought their proprietary semiconductor device which, compared to the "heart" of charging facilities, can help greatly improve power charging safety and efficiency for electronic vehicles.

"The product that incorporates a series of innovative technologies breaks the technical monopoly of overseas companies in the field. Since 2015, when the mass production started, we have seen an increase of global clients to more than 300 and a continuously expanding layout of the product in first-tier cities," the company's general manager Gong Yi said.[MORE]