Sponsored by SIP Administrative Committee and organized by Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre (SCAC), the 2018 (7th) Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Festival (SJLAF), which includes a diversity of art performances, exhibitions, experience activities and interactions scheduled from Oct 12 to Nov 17, is going on in SIP.
SJLAF kicks off W020181016600820916888.jpg

The 2018 SJLAF kicked off at SCAC, SIP on Oct 12, bringing about a grand cultural and art feast to the local citizens.

As an annual event initiated in 2012, SJLAF has earned a high reputation home and abroad for its diversified components tailored for people with different artistic tastes, and therefore is now one of the most-anticipated events each year in Suzhou.

So far, a variety of art performances have been staged and many events like artists' talks and movie screenings are underway, receiving continuous high acclaim from the citizens. More can be expected, including a series of "Afternoon Office Concerts" to be held at a number of local office buildings for the staff working there.[MORE]

Opportunities to get close to refined art
Up till now, the 2018 SJLAF has offered the local citizens lots of good opportunities to gain a better understanding of refined art. For example, the opening ceremony on Oct 12 included a "Dialogue on Art", where several artists and theater operators shared their opinions on art and art festivals, and a list of wonderful performances given by Suzhou Ballet Theatre, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra and other art troupes. [MORE]
Taiwan artists practice self-cultivation exercises by Jinji Lake
U-Theatre of Taiwan, a Taiwanese art troupe that came to SIP for the 2018 SJLAF, did a set of dancing and drumming exercises by the side of Jinji Lake on Oct 17, in their annual self-cultivation training. About 100 citizens participated and learnt the exercise skills from the troupe members. [MORE]
Global artists gathering at SJLAF
SJLAF offers a stage for artists from around the globe to showcase their talents in art and their marvelous performance skills. The opening day of the event saw a list of wonderful performances, such as those by globally renowned Spanish Flamenco dancing troupe Ballet Flamenco Jesús Carmona, Chinese soprano Hui He and a team of artists from Taiwan.[MORE]