Minibuses become an effective supplement to existing public transport system
The minibuses, currently running along 19 ring and go-return routes every 5 to 8 minutes during the peak hours and at scheduled intervals during the rest of time for a distance ranging from 5 to 10 kilometers, are believed to be an effective supplement to SIP's existing public transport system, making short-distance travels much easier.[MORE]

Wide coverage
SIP Planning and Construction Committee (SIPPCC), the project undertaker, revealed that a total of 200 minibuses of the kind are set to be put into service by the end of this year to cover 50% of SIP's communities.[MORE]

Tailored services to better meet residents' needs
The routes were determined based on the residents' feedbacks to an earlier public opinion poll designed to learn about the residents' needs for public traffic. The minibuses are tailored for the project, such as the blue and white colors and considerate accessories, aiming to give passengers comfortable and delightful experiences.[MORE]

A good option for short-distance travels
The minibuses will take you to the subway and bus stations, schools, supermarkets and many other places near your home. It is a good option for short-distance travels that are too short to go by car and too long on foot. Moreover, the intensive schedule can ensure that the passengers will not wait in a long queue for a long time to get on a minibus. [MORE]